Coaching an after school activity for children

After school activities are a great way of keeping children occupied whilst doing something that they enjoy. If you are looking to start an after school club then there are many options of what you could do, for example you could do a sporting activity such as rugby or football and get the children to play in teams against each other, this is a great way to encourage children to stay fit and healthy whilst having fun. Other great sporting clubs include hockey, basketball and tennis all of which are great especially if you have an outdoor space where they can be run.

Another option could be a dance club where you could teach street dance or contemporary dance to help the children learn a new method of expression and teach them valuable skills that they could continue into their exams by taking performing arts. Along the same lines is a drama group where you could organise local plays or productions that the children could be involved in, this would boost their confidence and allow them to make friends and be part of a team.

After school activities can be great for children who are struggling socially and really can make the difference to their school life.