Ways to Train to become a teacher

Most posts require you to be of Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) to work within a school in England.  Here are a few ways to train, depending on your circumstances.

Have a Degree

University-led training: you will spend about one-third of your time in university and the rest in school placements.
Train as you teach: on a school direct (Fee-funded) course, you spend more time learning on the job than on the academic side.
Earn a salary: Some training programmes like School Direct (salaried) and postgraduate teaching apprenticeships offer you a salary.  Again this option means you spend less time learning at university.

Don’t have a Degree

Undergraduate teacher training degree: These courses can take up to 4 years. Qualifications vary depending on the course. You could get QTS with a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Education (BEd) or Bachelor of Science (BSc).

Teaching Jobs – A Secure Career Choice

One of the only jobs that will always have a consistent demand is teaching jobs, there’s no doubt about it, and without teachers, there would be any hope for others to find their ideal careers.

Not every individual is cut out to be a teacher, and if you land a teaching job doesn’t it mean you’re secure. Well, in short, no. As a teacher you can have a lot to deal with, perhaps stress levels are high, but there really is no room for costly mistakes. You must be able to control your frustration and handle the classroom no matter how stressful they are.

Yet if you manage to show constant teaching results, and significant education improvement rates for classes, you’re able to hold down a role as a teacher, you’re job security will improve. So while teaching is like any other job, you can make create your own job security by showing consistent good results.

One additional benefit is obviously the demand. There are unlimited teaching opportunities out there, and if you have the necessary qualifications, supply teaching position can be found to ensure you income remains steady.