Classroom techniques for teachers

All teachers have their own way of teaching students. As a teacher you will need to be flexible and be able to adjust to the age group, ability and subject you are teaching. One of the most important skills a teacher needs to learn regardless of the above, is classroom control. Having a classroom that is unruly or has lost concentration can not only hinder learning but also have a long lasting effect on how much respect you gain from the pupils.

Most senior teachers advise that you need to lay down the ground rules from day one, you are there to teach and they are there to learn. You can of course make lessons fun and interactive, whilst still keeping a certain level of control. If you are a teacher and feel like you may be struggling with this a bit then talk to your colleagues. You will probably find that the majority of them have experienced the same thing at some point in their career and are more than happy to share ideas with you.