The Skills and Experience Needed Before Applying for TA Jobs

Applying for TA jobs takes a lot of caution and even more time in a scenario where CVs are barely accepted. Schools have the capacity to vet candidates to choose the best, the result of which is ferocious competition. To stand out from other applicants and possibly land the job, think about some major issues surrounding the process, your role and your skills.

Schools have unique needs, which determine the role of a teaching assistant, but it is good to polish your communication skills and display your love for working with children. You must also show commitment to the school’s goals by showing readiness to work as part of your team. It is important that the TA can motivate, tolerate and assist children with learning difficulties to help them catch up and perform as well as the ‘good’ students.

A Level 2 or three Diploma or Certificate should accompany this set of personal skills as proof. In rare cases, employers may accept evidence of work experience in the job. You will be carrying out a number of tasks as the assistant and even if it is difficult to say exactly what you will do, it is obvious that it is a hands-on job.  Continue reading

Becoming an effective business coach

A business coach is someone that will assist others in their day to day job to help them improve their performance and also job satisfaction. If you are a company employing a coach, you would expect them to be able to analyse your business and make proactive suggestions on what needs to be improved and hoe to go about it. This in turn, should increase your productivity and turnover. Coaching is often used for managers within a company of a way of teaching them how to effectively interact with members of staff and to give them extra confidence need to ensure that they are doing their job to the best of their ability. Many coaches come from a psychology type background and have often working within the human resources industry. To be a great business coach you need to have experience and be able to talk to people of all backgrounds and abilities.


Supply Teaching Careers – Taking the Grimsby Route

When you’re searching for supply teaching jobs in Grimsby, it can be hard to know where to start. And knowing what you want out of the position can be the best way to find the spot that’s right for you. No matter what your level of experience or personal education, working as a supply teacher can be a fun and rewarding way to earn a living.

Those who’ve earned Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) can occasionally suffer from burn out. They can overwhelmed by the administrative pressure of paperwork and all the other duties that get in the way of teaching. They took the job to teach, and now they feel like all they do is grade. Switching over to supply teacher jobs in Grimsby is a fine way to regain the sense of joy that should accompany teaching.

QTSs who’ve been working their whole lives, and are looking to slow down without fully retiring, can thrive as supply teachers. Combining their wisdom and experience with modern techniques and opportunities can keep them up-to-date on the latest methods while providing pupils with seasoned educators. But QTSs aren’t the only ones who can become outstanding supply teachers.

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Teaching jobs are rewarding

Becoming a teacher is not an easy task. You will usually be required to have a degree from university which can take 3 or 4 years minimum. Many students who take a degree opt to do a PGSE year at the end of their normal degree to allow them to apply for teaching jobs at a later date if they wish to do so. This is a great way to ensure you have something else to fall back on should your first choice of career not be possible for whatever reason. Being a teaching is a very rewarding job and after years of training and exams you can quickly see why many people chose to go in to this profession. The rates of pay are quite good along with the long holidays and being able to see a child grow and learn from the help and support you have given them is something that attracts many people.


From Teaching Assistant to Supply Teacher

Many teaching assistants will want to develop and perhaps one day become a teacher in their own right, and a common route to becoming a supply teacher is by starting out as a TA.

When you’ve assisted in a classroom for a number of years, you may feel as though you can actually be the teacher and the fact is teaching assistants are sometimes required to cover supply teachers when they fail to show up. If you’re an assistant, part time of full time and you’re soon to have a relevant degree, than supply teaching could be your next step, and you may see a dramatic increase in your salary.


Teaching assistants can sometimes get a bit too comfortable in their role, or perhaps they enjoy being the assistant without the pressure of being the teacher, but if you ever want to make the step up, then a degree and a career switch to supply teaching can be a suitable move.