10 Things Supply Teachers Should Do On Their First Day

For supply teachers, the first day at a new school can be a nerve-racking experience. Here are some tips that can make it -and the rest of your time there- a more enjoyable experience.

– Arrive Early: You’ll have a lot to learn on the first day so make sure that you arrive early. Use the time before classes start to get acquainted with the layout of the school. Ensure that you make note of the locations of your assigned classrooms, bathrooms, and the administrative office. Arriving early will also show the principal and other members of staff that you’re professional and wholly invested in doing your job well at the school. You want to show that you’ll add value to the team. First impressions count so make yours a good one.

– Say “hi” to everyone: It’s a great idea to greet and introduce yourself to to most, if not all, members of staff. Each one of them, even the caretaker or office staff, can be a valuable source of knowledge about the school environment you’re entering. A pleasant introduction will make a good impression and encourage people to feel comfortable around you. It will go a long way in helping you fit in with the rest of the staff at the school.

– Find out if the work is predetermined: Sometimes supply teachers are expected to follow lesson plans that were created by the teacher they’re temporarily replacing. You’ll need to find that out beforehand before you start making your own lesson plans or utilising plans you may have used in the past.

– Get familiar with the school culture: Each school has a different school culture and it’s important that you get familiar with it quickly. Ask questions about the school rules and the disciplinary structure. How does the school deal with students who break the rules? How does it reward achievement? These are all important aspects of the school culture that you should make sure you understand.

-Learn about the children: You should ask someone, perhaps a more experienced teacher, to let you know if there are any children in your classes who have special learning needs. With this information, you can adjust your lesson plans or delegate more tasks to teaching assistants so you can focus on the children who need attention.

– Establish your authourity with your students: Children and teenagers love to challenge new teachers, so you have to ensure that you’re clear in communicating your expectations of them. They have to understand that the rules of classroom behaviour and academic performance do not change because of the regular teacher’s absence. Don’t allow noise levels to get out of control and make sure that the students are constantly kept occupied by meaningful learning activities. Once you show that you’re on top of things, you will soon earn the respect of your students.
Supply teachers set the tone of their time at a particular school from the first day onwards. Use these tips on your first day and you’ll be putting your best foot forward.

Teacher coaching services

To improve schools and in turn pupils results, it makes sense that we need to focus on the teachers.  Teachers need to be able to further advance themselves in order to become better at what they do. There are companies dedicated to this entirely and they offer a wide range of coaching courses to help teachers recognise their goals and improve their skills. The courses normal consist of a number of elements, including: How to have control of a difficult situation, Time management, how to love what you do, tools required to become a great teacher and monitoring and evaluating goals.


Most teachers find these courses useful and agree that they do feel more satisfied and confident in their role as a teacher. After all if you do not have a confident happy teacher, this is likely to pass down on to the pupils at the school and also affect their work and grades.

How to Get Teaching Jobs Bedford?

Teaching Jobs Bedford are few and difficult to come by in today’s extremely competitive job market. There are many qualified candidates that fit the job description of a teacher, so when you apply for a teaching job then you will have to compete with other applicants. You should have a cut above the rest in order to qualify for the job. Every school wants the best teachers in their teaching staff and makes sure that they are able to fulfil their conditions.

The competition in teaching jobs is high due to the stability of this type of job. A large number of people want to become teacher as it is really fulfilling to be one. Although there is a lot of competition in the field of teaching, there are still a large number of candidates who successfully become teachers.

A lot of Teaching Jobs Bedford advertisements are published in newspapers and magazines. There are also a large number of website job portals where these ads can be found. A desiring candidate can look out for these ads and apply for the ones that he is interested in. If you are interested in becoming a teacher then you should check out the ads that schools post wanting teachers. You can also ask your friends who are existing teachers and ask them if there are any teaching job positions available in the school they teach. Many times people get the job of a teacher easier through friend recommendation as the competition is comparatively lower. If the school does not make an ad posting then many people will not get to know about the vacancy of teacher. So you have a good chance of landing a teacher’s job if one of your friends makes a suggestion and recommend you at the school he or she is currently teaching.

In order to become a teacher it is important to get Initial Teacher Training (ITT) course. A person has to take this course in order to become eligible to get Teaching Jobs Bedford. When you take the course then you will be taught various techniques and methods of teaching that would be helpful throughout your teaching career. So it is important to take the course from a reputed institute where you will also get a certification. Apart from the ITT a qualified teacher status (QTS) is required too in order to get a teaching job in the UK. After you have completed the course and got the QTS you will have to find out the best job for you. You should make a list of some schools where you wish to apply and check that the school has a vacancy. After you have made a final list, you have to make job application. The application portfolio must include an application letter, a copy of curriculum vitae, a statement of teaching history (if any) and recommendation letters. You should also make sure to mention the teaching position you are applying for. As there are many opportunities for Teaching Jobs Bedford, you should specifically state in your application letter that you are applying for a particular teaching position. If you are eligible and lucky enough then you will soon receive a call for an interview. If you successfully pass the screening test then you will be hired as a teacher.

Sports coaching

Coaching sports actually has an extensive list of qualifications, all of which become applicable to specific roles in coaching. Coaching in schools for instance, requires different qualifications to coaching in a adults sports club. Depending upon the qualifications, a coach will be able to conduct his profession in various settings. Being a highly qualified coach will enable a person to head a sports club’s coaching staff, but there are various positions available for people with less qualifications. Coaching offers a very comprehensive structure for people interested in the profession, giving people clear and definitive requirements in order for them to be promoted. Coaching employs a wide breadth of knowledge, ranging from health, exercise, and food; allowing coaches to design effective and unique regimes to improve their clients performance. There are many similarities between a coach and a personal trainer, with the main difference being that coaches will specialise in specific acts and sports.

Why all teachers need A Mentor

In school teachers often speak about students’ needing someone to look up to and perhaps learning from the older students, but the same can be applied to teachers. Having a mentor can really help teachers improve and learn. Teaching can be looked at as an art with a steep learning curve, and there are many different problems and difficulties they may face, and that’s why turning to a mentor can be ideal.


Every teacher is different, and because of this they will have a different individual to look up to, and that person should ideally be someone with the same principles and perhaps a similar teaching style. Many people, no matter what career they are in, will need someone to rely and depend on, and because of the difficulties that can arise in teaching, a mentor is a must.

A mentor doesn’t necessarily have to be someone who is training you, they merely have to be someone you respect and can learn from. If you feel that there is a teacher in your school that ticks these boxes then consider using their experience and improving your own teaching skillset and responsibilities.